Crypto Slang Terms: Your Guide to the Cryptoverse

Crypto slang

It’s important to do your own research (DYOR) before investing in any project, as there is always a risk of a rug pull. This term is often used as a way of saying that the price will continue to increase. https://investmentsanalysis.info/ It can also be used as a way of expressing excitement about the future price of a particular coin. A “whale” is an individual or entity that owns a large amount of a particular cryptocurrency.

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Coinbase Won’t Support Gala Games V2 Token Airdrop—Why Not?.

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To explore the cryptoverse, you need proper navigation tools, and where better to start  than with common slang terms. Here are the terms you’ll likely encounter within the crypto space. A cryptocurrency coin that was specifically created to scam investors out of money. Before investing in cryptocurrency, you should do your own research (DYOR) and make sure you understand where you’re sending your money. Someone might tell you about a new coin they like, but then warn you to DYOR. A small amount of cryptocurrency that effectively gets stuck in a wallet.

Popular Crypto Slang Terms

Crypto transactions are public, so you can figure out how much cryptocurrency is in a wallet, even if you don’t know who owns that wallet. A whale may be able to affect a crypto’s price by quickly buying or selling their coins. When Satoshi Nakamoto first started bitcoin, he, she or they probably didn’t expect a whole internet culture to form around it. And as with pretty much every internet community, the crypto space has rapidly developed its own lexicon, one that’s full of crypto slang tailored to buying, selling, and, yes, HODLing crypto. The thing is, this slang can almost come off like a foreign language to newer bitcoiners.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are building new, alternative financial assets and systems. At the same time, they’re creating new words, acronyms and phrases for their community. If you’re interested in investing in crypto or want to learn more about the space, breaking down these language barriers can be a good place to start. When you are “diamond handing” something, you are holding on to your investment despite some foreseen turbulence. Most cryptocurrencies are relatively volatile and at some point in time to make any money at all, one has to have diamond hands and hold on despite the risks.


In the crypto community, diamond hands or the diamond hands emoji refer to traders who will hold, i.e., not sell, regardless of market fluctuations. It’s considered to be a ballsy, high-risk move, but it can pay off. An ICO is a type of fundraising event where a new cryptocurrency project sells coins to investors in exchange for funding. While diamond hands is a trading ethos commonly identified in long-term market participants, paper hands is an ethos more apparent amongst swing traders and day traders. Some also sold precursors to amphetamines, methamphetamines, and other opioids.

Crypto slang

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Alternatives to custodial wallets

Her suspicions led her to hire a forensic accountant, who subsequently discovered 12 bitcoins stashed away in a crypto wallet her spouse had hidden. As mentioned earlier, custodial wallets are managed by a third party (e.g., a crypto exchange). They typically offer easy storage access, but your control of the wallet is limited. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital assets that — unlike traditional Crypto slang fiat transactions — remove the intermediary (e.g., banks or other financial institutions) when sent from one party to another. But traceability also creates an opportunity to pressure cryptocurrency exchanges to cut off the accounts of fentanyl precursor sellers Elliptic has identified. Elliptic, in fact, notified exchanges of hundreds of addresses it linked to the Chinese chemical companies.

If you want to try cryptocurrency CFD trading, your best option is to first trade with a free demo account, before risking any capital. Remember, education is a journey without a destination – and practice makes for ongoing improvement. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to completely remove emotion from trading; this is something every trader truly has to practice. Trading psychology and risk management are crucial to the success of any trader, regardless of the markets they trade. Dash, or DSH also remains popular in both the cryptocurrency and trading community.

Top Crypto and Blockchain Conferences in 2023

If prices are generally rising, then it is said to be a bull market, whereas if prices are falling, it can be said to be a bear market. This acronym is used by investors who are bearish on a particular coin or project. Once the price increases high enough, these influencers will then sell off their holdings and leave you dry and hanging.

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  • Crypto investigator Nick Himonidis, a licensed private investigator and computer forensic expert, shared with CNBC that a quarter of his divorce-related cases involve elements of cryptocurrency.
  • These people do not hold any digital currency in their portfolio and believe that crypto is doomed to fail.
  • All-time highs are often referenced in other types of investing as well.
  • While there is no official threshold to be considered a whale, the number of coins or tokens held needs to be significant enough to have an impact on market prices should holders buy or sell.
  • Someone who is shilling for a coin—sometimes called pumping—might be an investor or could be getting paid to promote the coin, which is why shilling has a negative connotation.

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